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Thank you for your overwhelming response — due to the large number of respondents, we are currently closing applications. Please write to us if you would like to be added to a waiting list. For updates on the next workshop, please follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter.


Join us for a free two -day writing workshop to learn about the fundamentals of research, writing and editing, discuss pathways to publication, and work on a short writing project!

After publishing 30 issues over the course of the last few years, and working with a long list of incredible writers, researchers and artists, we at Ala feel ready to cast a wider net and encourage more students, researchers, bloggers to write and create thoughtfully, and with authority about the topics that interest them.

We are offering a two-day writing workshop this August aimed at helping more people develop the skills they need to research, write, edit and package your writing in a way that reaches your audience. 

Ala is committed to bridging worlds. We aim to bring together a diverse group of contributors, and make niche subjects and specialist expertise accessible to broader audiences, while encouraging creative expression, critical thinking and open dialogue. The workshop curriculum is grounded in this commitment — whether you are an academic looking to package your research for a wider audience, or a writer or creator looking to learn how to conduct reliable research, or a student working to improve their research and writing, this workshop is for you. Here’s everything you need to know before applying:


The workshop will have two 3-hour sessions. The workshop will be conducted virtually, on Zoom – and is accessible using a free Zoom account. During the two workshop sessions, our team and expert guest speakers will guide you through developing your research into pieces of writing for a general audience.

We will try to keep the workshop as interactive and engaging as possible! In order to ensure each participant receives ample support, and feedback, the workshop will be limited to a small group. 

We want this workshop to be a space for creation and exchange. Participants are encouraged to come with a topic in mind and bring a working draft of their writing project to Session Two. This can be an article, political or social commentary, or book or movie review. During Session Two, the Ala team will provide participants the feedback and support needed to turn their working draft into a publication-ready piece. Check out the Ala Blog for ideas and inspiration or what you could write!

Please note, this is not an academic writing workshop that will provide instruction on how to write research papers for academic journals.


Day One: Saturday, August 7: This session will be instructional. Participants will be taken through tips and best practices for writing research-backed articles and essays, and introduced to a bundle of skills that will enable them to become more confident writers.

Day Two: Saturday, August 14: The session will be partially practical and interactive, and include sessions on how best you can pitch and promote your writing online. During this session participants will also receive feedback and suggestions on their writing project, and convert their working draft to a final product. Please bring a working draft of your project to the second session so we have something to work on together!


Whether you are a student, a researcher in any field, a blogger, or an artist—all are welcome. Since this is only a two-day workshop, the only criterion to receive a participation certificate is to attend both days


As mentioned earlier, this workshop is an opportunity to work on a piece of writing with the support of members of the Ala team and fellow researchers. If your final product after this workshop is related to Kerala or Kerala studies, we at Ala will be happy to consider your work for publication. 

Deadline to apply is July 20, 2021. For queries, please email us at


If you would like to complete the application offline, please send the completed applications along with attachments to


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